Poll: Which leg does your guitar sit on?
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48 74%
17 26%
Voters: 65.
Pretty much the title. (assuming you're right handed) Do you sit with your guitar sitting on your right leg or left (classical?)

I personally have my guitar on my right leg but today I tried the other way and it didn't feel too bad. Still have it on my right leg mainly though...

I'm mostly on my right leg, but quite often I change over for no reason. I find it much more comfortable to pick with it on my left.
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I can't play with my guitars low, so I prop my left leg up on something (like the rung of my chair) and rest it that way.
I'm left-handed and my guitar between my two legs, though it leans mostly on my right. I keep the neck up a fair bit but I don't know if I could call it classical-style. xD
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Right, tried on the left the neck just seems too far away from my body for it to feel good.
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Fail for not having that option, PLUS a joke option for teh lolz

OHHHH Im sorry I forgot not the "both" cause the poll suggested youd vote for the one you use mainly, or more. Also, a great joke option would've been the 3rd leg
Depends what for. For either serious practice or anything hard or that needs a high stretch I use the classical position and for just playing and noodling I use the "standard" position.
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Right leg with strat type guitars. Classical with les pauls and Vs
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both but if I could only choose one I'd pick the left

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left leg, right is uncomfortable for me
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Classical position. I feel like a retard trying to hold it any other way.
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