Hey guys, so recently I've been doing a lot of technique stuff and I'm hitting a weird wall. Mainly I've been practicing scales, and now I can cleanly play 16ths at 95BPM (if it's just the straight run...), and can get up to 105 or so before things get real sloppy. And I feel like when I'm doing this, with a metronome, my technique is fine. But, when I try to take that speed to soloing, and I do a fast run, my wrist swings around wildly with each pick and I hit a lot of wrong notes and it sounds terrible. So, I slow it down, and I can do it perfectly. So I don't feel like that's really helping me. I know the conventional wisdom is slow it down til you can do it perfectly at that speed, but I already can. It's only when I'm in the middle of soloing and I go for that fast lick. What can I do to address that issue? Thanks!
The conventional wisdom is to build muscle memory, something which you apparently haven't done to enough of a degree to be able to play as fast as you'd like.

Part of building muscle memory is playing slowly, but you sound like you're missing part of the equation in there. When you play slowly, you need to focus totally on what you're playing and how you're doing it. Focus on the physical mechanics of picking and try to make your wrist movements as small and economical as you can. That economy of motion is what makes players able to play fast. If you practice smaller movements with your picking hand, you'll eventually get to the point where you don't even think about making small movements. That's when you know you've formed muscle memory.

After that, just stat gradually increasing speed. You'll get faster.
Practice is always the answer. These things take time.

Keep using your metronome during your practice sessions, and split the session into 3 parts. Do the first session at 90bpm to warm up, then do the subsequent parts at 100 and 110bpm. When you're comfortable at the faster speed, do sessions of 100, 110 and 120.

Etc etc etc.....
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Just practicing scales isn't going to make you better at playing the guitar - you have to practice the stuff you're trying to play as well, or arguably instead.
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