I'm a rhythm guitarist looking to start an online metal band kind of like Metallica or Slipknot or something along that line. I need a vocalist, lead guitarist, and bass player. I'm looking at mostly doing covers right now, but possibly writing in the future. You have to have a decent recording setup. Doesn't have to be amazing, but decent. Anyone interested?
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Im interested to play bass
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message me you're from UG first

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I'm down for Guitar and/or Bass. My band is advertising for other members at the moment so i want something to keep me busy.

I've got experience as a producer and songwriter, if you need any examples of my work i'll happily link you .
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Id be semi interested if your reffering to older metallica and older slipknot, I play mostly rythym but can do lead.
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PM me if interested

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Hit me up with a guitar track and I can lay down some guitar to go with it. I have experience with lead and rhythm. If you search the user name Buried at Sunset or TWProphecy on youtube you can find a lot of my work.