I have been playing guitar for a year or so and have decided to upgrade my amp(peavey rage 158). I play rock, folk and a lot of grateful dead. I'm looking for a nice clean sounding amp that is tube or hybrid tube (like a vox Valvetronix). It needs to be loud enough to play clearly for a band practice. I'm looking a budget of max $500. Also I like it to be a combo so it's portable. What do you think?
^He can get better amps than a Roland cube.
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Quote by Redd_dymond
you can't go wrong with a Roland Cube

The Roland Cube is not a tube amp.

By the way, TS, most people would probably agree that hybrid amps are just marketing ploys and that they're more solid state than anything else.
The tube hybrid peavey vypyr. i have the non tube version and its awesome. i use the amp for school jazz performances, turn around and play some offspring for a talent show with my friends, then go to my actual band(not the talent show ppl) practice where we play heavy metal. it handles it all with the built in sounds and the sanpera pedal to switch settings quickly. i am disappointed that i went to guitar center about a month after buying it and finding out that they released a tube hybrid version... i tried it out and almost cried at how good it sounded compared to my purely solid state/digital one. due to the usb output, you can update the firmware and record very easily. it also has an aux input that i use for all kinds of things. when we have parties, i take my amp and hook an mp3 player up to it so we have music. at practice when our drummer is late(kinda often), i take my laptop and run a drum loop for us til he gets there. extremely useful amp. i have the 100w one, but you can get the 60w tube one for around 500. the sanpera pedal is a little more but its an option(that i recommend). the 60w should be loud enough for band practice. i used a 50w amp before i got the vypyr and it was fine.
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VOX AC30VR. It's a little overbudget IIRC (like $550US), but it's blows pretty much other amp I've ever played in that price range out of the water.
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Thanks for the suggestion I'll be going back to guitar to try them out soon. Also, please repeat amp suggestion so I see what people like.