i am currently looking at buying a bugera 333 combo, for 60 euros more i can get a 333 infinium, bugera claims it can lenghten your valve lifespan up to 20 times.
how are your opinions on the infinium technology, is it worth the extra money?
thanks in advance
Probably not.
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I have a 333 and I realy like it, and for the price it really is hard to beat. However given Bugeras track record I would not get any new technology during the first run.
Go with the older version, if it has a full waranty.
Now don't get me wrong My 333 is a great sounding amp for the price, but I waited untill the problems had all ben addressed before I bought one.
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I highly doubt it. Though, 60 euro really isn't that much money, may as well go for it. If this is the first run however, I would either wait or get the normal model. Bugeras history hasn''t exactly been great on their first run of things.
From what I've gathered it basically performs biasing itself all the time.

If your bias is too hot your power tubes will have a shorter life, but having it too cold won't sound very good, maybe not function very well either.. so the infinium keeps it constantly biased, as it will tend to go out over time with any amp AFAIK.

Fender have this with some of their newest amps I think, you can set it to run hotter or colder if you like aswell, perhaps the infinium has this.

Also this means you can throw whatever kind of tube that will fit in there and your amp will work (only restriction normally is that it needs biasing, which the amp will do itself)
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