Yep, selling my beloved Love Rock (pun-tastic)

Yeah, it's a Chinese model - you can look up the specs yourself... There's a few little dings here and there on the back of the body, some wouldn't photograph - but nothing that affects the playability, nothing on the neck, save a pair of tiny dings on the headstock...

All I'm after for it is £130 +postage - I'll consider trades, but I'm really only after a Univibe type pedal, or a 2x12 cab (don't care what speakers are in it...)


I've got the original bridge pickup controls around if you want them...

Here's the bad bits...

Ding on the bottom on the back:

Scratch on the back:

Ding at the top on the back:

Back of headstock, small dings and serial number:

Photo of fret wear, or lack of:

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