Have come into a bit of money so after length consideration, have decided on rebuilding my SG.

Ordering 4x500k pots, 0.47uf sprague drop caps, and 2 tonerider AC4's (video of them in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3lSe5AceEA)

I play mainly guns N' roses, any better choices? Maybe 500k and 380k pots or something?

I had an Irongear Rolling Mill on this before it went into my strat, I loved the sound but it wasn't quite what I'm looking for (actually paired up very nicely with the strat).

if i'm not mistaken, slash's actual guitar has 2 250k pots for the volume, 500k for the tone, and .047uf ceramic caps, and of course, the slash pickups.
Too late lol, ordered. Ah well

All but pickups, anyway. Undecided between these three*edit:counting fail four. Opinions?

Tonerider Alnico IV
Tonerider Generator
Irongear Hot Slag
Irongear Steam Hammer

Thinking a Hot Slag in the neck and a Generator in the bridge (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp8hRXJ5u70 impressed me quite a bit for the hot slag), or a Hot slag in the bridge and an AIV in the neck. Guns N' Roses as per. Opinions?

Thought I'm better off here since I've already started a thread, than clogging up the pickup thread.
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you wasted money on those orange drops. since a guitar's tone control is just a high-shunt, whatever non-linearities and mojo that those mojo-caps give will not be heard since the signal that makes it to your ears doesn't even go through them, as they just lead straight to ground.

in other words, it doesnt matter what type of cap you use here, they will all sound exactly the same. as coupling caps in an amp or maybe even a pedal you would hear differences. Not in a guitar's tone control circuit.
wait, what jim? that confused me, are you saying tone capacitors don't perform any purpose?
I think he means there's no difference between orange drops and normal ones.

I could never get my bog standard green ones to do anything at all lol.
well i noticed a huge difference going from the stock epiphone ones to ceramic caps.... so idk what he was saying.
What he meant was that the type or brand of caps used for a tone pot does not matter because the signal that passes through the caps (the high frequencies) goes to ground. What you hear when you roll the tone down are the frequencies that are left after the highs go to ground. You may have noticed the huge difference because you used caps with different values, which does make a difference.
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nope, i went from .022uf to .022 uf.

i just switched from polypropylene to ceramic.