I'm not sure if this could go in the "recording" thread, so i'll put it here first.

I want a new set of headphones, around the $150 and under range. I'm going to use it primarily indoors to watch movies, music, and mixing. I want something that's pretty much even across the range but a bit of thump in the bass is ok too. Comfort is probably the biggest issue for me right now.

I'm looking at the Audiotechnica M50, the sennheiser HD280, and the AKG K240 right now. If there's any other suggestions I'd be glad to check them out!

Just the one?

What about a pair? That would surely be better?

PaulyEDIT: OT though, Sennheiser is usually the brand to go with for quality.
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beats by dre

Great if you listen to exclusively hip hop / that kind of stuff. Muddy for everything else.
AKG. Industry standard recording/mixing headphones.

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the sennheiser HD280,

get. I have em and love em. Got em on a huge sale one Christmas, something like almost 50% off.


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beats by dre


Those things are first and foremost over 150, and aren't even that good.

Go Sennheiser. I only hear good things about them.
Sennheisers. Hands down.

Used to have a pair and they're still my favorite I've ever owned.
i have the audiotechnica m50 and i love them. clear sound and good for all types of music. 8 ft cord is a bit excessive though
Sennheisers. Quality construction, user-replaceable parts, flat frequency response. Bass is a tad weak though, but theyre very clear. I love mine
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Those AKG's are great for the price and are a great entry level pair of quality headphones.

Also: inb4 Deliriumbassist comes in and suggest a pair of Grados.

...You might want to give Grado a look, they've got some pretty good headphones in your price range as well.
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Also: inb4 Deliriumbassist comes in and suggest a pair of Grados.

Dammit...I was gonna say that
ATH-M50's or Sennheisser HD280!
Both are equally great IMO, so i would suggest getting the cheapest ones.
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