Wassup Pit.

If you've followed my other two long ass OP's then you probably think this story will be full of me getting my dick destroyed or something. Unfortunately, none of the bad shit that happens in the following post happened to me.

Introduction: This girl I know went to Japan at the start of this year planning to stay the whole year, with minimal knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. To be honest I have no clue why she went to Japan and neither does my bro, so don't ask me why she went over there. (Complete mystery) I used to be pretty close to her, but we stopped talking because I didn't want a relationship with her anymore. I spent most of last year avoiding her until right at the end of the year during exams where I apologised for ignoring her and being a dick. So we were pretty much on speaking terms, except I had her blocked on MSN because it was annoying having to talk to her all day, erry day.

The Problem: So I was chilling at the computer last night talking to a bro on MSN. We were discussing Otter Mode, and Otters, and Polecats, and Badgers, and Wolverines and shit, when my bro is like;
Quote by MSN Conversation
Magnum P.I. : sooo
Magnum P.I. : brah
Magnum P.I. : i'd keep this in the low dizzle but i thought you shud know

T.C : omg
T.C : She's pregnant?
T.C : Congrats bro

Magnum P.I. : not quite
T.C : ogmogmomgomg
T.C : I'm gonna be an Uncle
T.C : How did you even get her pregnant?
T.C : I thought you just texted her a few times

Magnum P.I. : nah bra
Magnum P.I. : she was beaten by her host parents
Magnum P.I. : why she came back

So I was like wtf, because I'm a sheltered child and haven't been exposed to anything like that before so I asked for more info;

Quote by MSN Conversation Continued
T.C : What?
Magnum P.I. : yea
Magnum P.I. : was like
Magnum P.I. : wat
T.C : Beaten how?
Magnum P.I. : dunno im asking
T.C : The fuck is this?
Magnum P.I. : shes a chick
Magnum P.I. : so im a sssuming its a smack on the ass or somethign
T.C : She would have said if it was a smack on the ass wouldn't she?
T.C : Like when she was over there

Magnum P.I. : Higgins says:
She kicked me, Magnum. She punched me in the face
She pushed me down the stairs
she pulled me by my hair

Magnum P.I. : hmm
Magnum P.I. : well then
Magnum P.I. :
Higgins says:
I went to the police
not enough evidence for a case

T.C. = Me
Magnum P.I. = My Bro
Higgins = The girl

So she was getting beaten in Japan and came home early because of it. Which makes me and my bro feel like dicks for cracking jokes about her coming early now we know why. So she's depressed and probably crying at her house now and it would be hell awkward for me to talk to her because I make everything awkward on purpose and it would be pretty unbelievable to say that I guessed what happened because I wouldn't want to get my bro in trouble. She wants to talk to my bro about it and shit but he doesn't want to because he's scared of her because he think's it'll be hell awkward because she wants our dicks. (One of the reasons I stopped talking to her)

So me and my bro are sitting here with $12.00 worth of chips wondering what to do.

tl:dr; Ex-gf went to Japan and got beaten. Came back early from trip, and now me and my bro don't know how to make her feel less shitty.

What do we do, Pit?


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why the shit did she get beaten, that's what i'd like to know.

Her host mother made a mess in the laundry and then blamed it on 'Higgins'. She told 'Higgins' to clean it up so 'Higgins' went out and then cleaned up after she had come back home. The host mother then told her to apologise for making the mess, which 'Higgins' refused to do because she's hardcore like that. Then she got beaten.
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Your threads are very entertaining, sir. Even though this one is kinda sad.
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Pffffft, Higgins wouldn't take that shit. And if Magnum found out he'd be all like "Oh Hell naww" and kick down the door or something and go Keanu on the f*ckers
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Go over to where she is and be a shoulder to cry on. Don't try to be funny, don't even talk unless she wants to. Just go to her and listen to her, hold her, and make her feel safe.

Physical abuse leaves psychological scars. Abuse is a tremendous breach of trust, so she might be distant from you guys at first. She needs a good friend right now, someone to listen to her and make her feel like no one is going to hurt her again. Be there for her and let her know that you and her friend are there for her.
Uuuuuuuuuh... WAT

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Fly to japan and kick some ass?
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Yeah man, I'm with the general consensus here. Give her some support. Don't even mention anything about it, just general support. You don't have to know what happened, necessarily, in order to show that you care, you know? Just let her know that you're there.
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