Long story short, I am in the market for pedals and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a ToneCore Uber Metal Pedal since it is a distortion pedal with a noise gate. I have seen some demonstrations with it on YouTube but I want to know if it can work with my rig, which is currently just a Randall RH50T tube half-stack. If I were to use it mostly as a noise suppressor pedal, would it keep all the hissing and buzzing to a minimum when I start cranking my stack past 12 o'clock? Also, I have also gotten my hands on a chorus pedal, though I'm not sure if that will affect the noise gate. I'm concerned because the Boss NS-2(superior, I know) requires two outputs, creating a bigger web of wires, whereas the UberMetal pedal will just go straight into the input, correct? Please elaborate here, since this is the first time I'm buying pedals.

Don't mention the ISP Decimator, I'm well-aware it is the master race.
there is a HUGE difference between a noise gate and a noise suppressor. i personally find a noise gate to be very very annoying. i have one on my mxr full bore and never use it. the noise gate will simply shut off your signal as soon as it starts to weaken (depending on how heavy of a threshold you have it set for). a noise suppressor just works to get rid of the hum. as far as i know you shouldn't have to use 2 outputs on any pedal. it just gives you 2 options of how you want to run the output. if you want a more inexpensive fix for a nasty hum check out the hex hum debugger. won't color your tone, won't clamp it shut when you don't want it to, and it isn't super expensive.