I received my hotrails today, and I intend to install this myself. The stock single coil neck pickup has a black and white wire coming from it, but the hotrails has a black, white, red, green, and bare wire. I looked here http://www.dimarzio.com/support/wiring-diagrams#1-1-2-24, but I don't know which diagram pertains to me. I have 2 single coil pickups: 1 neck and one middle, and a bridge humbucker. I saw this post https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=285939&highlight=installing+hotrails but the person referred the guy to Seymore Duncan, not DiMarzio's site, and I don't know if the diagrams would be the same from one brand to another.

I've googled all night for a website or youtube video showing how to install one of these things in an Ibanez SA160QM, but haven't found anything. I wouldn't ask unless I couldn't find anything.

I don't know if the wire colors/locations are different for other strats or not.

Is anybody able to help me?
What I realized I need to know is this? Where is the hot connection, and where is the ground connection? The single coil neck pickup had a black wire going to the tone pot, and this connection had a wire going to the volume pot. The white wire from the pickup went to the switch. Is the tone/volume connection the hot connection? Is the switch the ground?

And if so, is this where the wires should be connected to, that need to be grounded?

I actually called DiMarzio's tech support number, and they told me the switch was hot, so I went home and installed it that night. Except for the hum, it sounds great, although whenever I touch the strings, you can hear a little electric static sound (not sure if it's static or what, just don't know how else to describe it) the instant you touch the strings, or bridge, or metal jack.

I can live with that, though, because this sounds pretty good. It's weird. But I used to want to replace my stock humbucker, but I think I'll keep it, because in contrast to the DP186 in the neck, the stock middle single coil and the bridge humbucker sound nice when I switch to them. Maybe that's just because if I get tired playing on one switch setting, I can switch to another, and it sounds different from the other switch position, which offers a nice variety.

Anyway, I'm still thinking about getting the Super 2 DP104 for the bridge, although I would like to compare the low/mid/high of the stock bridge humbucker to the ones on DiMarzio's website, and also the output.