I'm 99% sure I'm getting a 12-string next month-ish. I have have a few questions/concerns.

  • Are they difficult to string?
  • Are they difficult to tune?
  • How do they sound with capos?

thank you
easy to string and tune!! Just takes more time (about twice as long, actually). I have found that the intionation is never perfect(at least on the cheaper brands and models{fender, yamaha, around $350usd}) right around the 7th fret and up. I don't have much experience fixing action on acoustics, so I was never perfectly happy. I loved the sound though. As far as capos go, get one with adjustable tension for sure and try it out on the guitar before you buy if possible. Like I said, the capo may be crap on higher frets due to intonation. Good luck and I hope you find a good one
i got mine for 100 bucks and it sounds pretty sweet,i guess the test of time will tell all.
I'm probably going for a cheap one for starters as well.
What are the significance of the smaller strings next to the EADGBE strings? are they all the same tunings or octaves of the strings? I only have a brief time playing one but was in awe the entire time