I recently bought a seven string so that I can expand my range and play in new ways, try new techniques, ect. I thought a good way to really get into playing on a seven string would be to play some stuff by some of my seven-string favorites (Dream Theater, Nevermore, ect..). I figure other people know better than I do ways to get used to and incorporate the new string, any suggestions? (I play metal, but am open to whatever) Thanks.
It's just like every other string; play it as such.
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When I got mine, I just kind of messed around for a while then I played some Five Finger Death Punch. After I did that I started trying to write some riffs and licks and realized that my seventh string is B, and my 2nd string is B. So treat your seventh string like your 2nd string when playing scales. Then eventually I learned how to play scale rooted on the seventh string.