I wanted to get the hellraiser c1 fr but i found out it was 1000$ at the guitar store and thats out of my price range. So I was thinking about getting the hellraiser special c1 fr for about 800$.

Does anyone know how it feels or if its anything like the hellraiser?
I have the c-1 hellraiser with out the trem. The nick is a little thick but I think it's perfect, the fretboard is smooth an fast. I love the locking tuners on it they help the guitar stay in tune better. I love the emg's but if you don't like active pups you can swap them out an it's not real heavy at either.
If you don't mind going used, Hellraisers go for dirt cheap on ebay and craigs list. You could easily score one for $400-$600.
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Hellraiser Special is the exact same model as the Hellraiser, but without some aesthetics. Abalone binding vs. creme binding.
Abalone inlays vs. MOP/Pearloid (I think) inlays.
EMG 81TW/89 vs EMG 81/85.

Very Minor differences, but significant enough to lower the cost. The Floyd on a Special might be an FR-1000. I'm not sure about the actual Hellraisers, but they use to come with OFR's.
Thanks. I have played a hellraiser fr but i was not sure if the special felt the same of if it was thinner. the pictures on schecters website kinda make it look like the special is thinner.

Maybe its just me.
What country are you in? $1000 is a helluva rip off