Hey guys, I have four guitars and im looking to get rid of two of them. One is a Squire Stratocaster which is about 4 years old. The neck needs adjusted, its missing a string, and there is a little knick on the back right neck to the detachable part to get to the bridge. Its a sunburst style with rosewood fretboard. 3 pickups, 3 control nobs (one vol rest tone) and a 5 way pickup switch. I got this in a value pack as my first guitar. So I have some emotional attachment. So would it even be worth it to sell it? I mean if im not gonna get over $50 for it, im not gonna sell it.

And my other one is an Oscar Schmidt OX10 (made by washburn) with multicolored flames on a black backround. I bought this thing 8months ago and it just doesn't measure up to the guitar I use now. Which is a Mexican Telecaster. I thought it would be a little bit of an upgrade with a slimmer neck and 24 jumbo frets and a humbucker pickup. also with a nice look. It looks like its been through hell whenever they were making it. You can tell it wasnt sanded or had time put into it. I got it for $120 with a bag, cleaner, strap, and a free lesson to learn whatever song I wanted. It looked at sounded nice whenever I played it. And it still sounds nice, but it cannot stand even close to the Tele. It has a stratocaster body, rosewood neck, 1 volume and one tone nob, 5 way pickup switch, neck, middle and a humbucker bridge pick ups and has a tremelo bridge. The switch doesnt change anything for 2 settings and the volume nob doesnt control the volume much. The wires werent hooked up correctly and I dont wanna sink another $20 into it just to get that fixed. Im looking to get at least half or more of what I paid.

So what do you think I will get for the Strat? and is it worth selling. And what do you believe I could get with the Oscar Schmidt, even with its defaults?

Thank you for your time
It's usually a good idea to look at similar guitars on ebay - you can tell it to search for completed listings only in the advanced search options, that will give you the best idea of what people are prepared to pay for similar used guitars.
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