Ok, so my renegade had what I thought was a blown tube. I then replaced the tubes, switched it on and....

The light turned on momentarily, then the fuse blew.

So, any ideas?
I emailed egnater, and will probs take it to a tech if it can't be solved easily but just want some advice as to what I'm probably looking at

RIP Gooze

i would expect you'd hear back pretty fast. Nate at Egnater customer service always emailed me back right away. They are a good company that way.

As far as what you are looking at, i'd really have to be a fly on the wall in your house to say, but i'm guessing a broken egnater? maybe a couple empty pizza boxes? just guessing really on the pizza boxes.

when you say "i thought was a blown tube", why did you think that? what happened prior to having issues the first time? volume fluctuations or did it just sign off and say "FFFFUUUUU"?

if you bought it new, you may be within the warranty period of the amp. most companies offer a 1 year warranty, others offer longer periods such as fender's 5 year. i don't remember what the warranty on my egnater was, i never needed it. (and abused the piss out of that amp without issue).

it really could be a number of things, but generally they are built pretty well so i wouldn't expect the repair bill, should you have to pay, to be all that high. (assuming the tech you use isn't fleecing you). maybe a couple hours of bench time and parts, whatever has gone sour etc.

good luck and bump for more input.