Hey, I was planning on buying the Bugera 6260 Infinium amp head and the matching Bugera 412H Cab. I know that the reliability used to suck for Bugera but they claim to have fixed that over the last year. Does anybody have one of the newer Infinium amps or more importantly this one? Can anyone tell me how long their warrant lasts and what their customer service is like. Lastly, if the amp does break would it most likely be a pretty easy or cheap fix if I took it to a technician? I live in the U.S. in California if that matters. I play metal and rock and have really been liking the sound this gets for the price; I'm just worried that it might break on me in a way that would render it useless.

Thanks in advance!!!!

"The following Infinium amps have been released for production: 333, 333XL, 6260, 6262 and all related combos. Sorry that it took longer but we have tested, re-tested and re-re-tested them to make sure they are absolutely perfect. And they are..."

There might be some problems with the first batch of the Infinium amps or there might not be, no one knows yet.