Ok seeing as I have decided my tubes are in fact knackered im looking to get some new ones.

Being a total noob at replacing tubes isnt helping so i was wondering what you guys think i sould go for?

Im replacing a pair of EL34's in my Ashdown FA 60w combo.


Or find some SED =C= EL34GC's. The JJ's are cheaper and about the same, quality wise. If pressed I'd give SED the edge but they are usually more expensive.
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I got my new SED =C= 's today. Sound great do definitely a good recomendation.

I have a lot of hiss too though when plugged in. I don't think its the guitar and was wondering if its a possibility that the pre-amp tubes could do with being replaced too?

If so, whats best. They are Sovtek 12AX7WA 's at the min.