Seeing as the original thread has officially reached the 10000 character limit
(yeah thanks dave) I thought it would be a pity to let all the Pit's efforts go to waste in 10 measly pages, so hopefully we can make this thang live on with

The Return Of the Longest Thread in the World
(version 2)

i took it from the last repetition of that wonderful chorus

Make up a line and then the next person adds another line and so on! so copy it from the person before you and just add a line hm'kay?
and here we go:

I can't remember,
Anyone any longer
I only remember,
The cucumber
We shared
When nobody dared

Rebellious conscience
Rattle my thoughts away
Show me the sign
To the abyss and you're gone

Nicotine, valium
vicodin, marijuana
ecstasy, and alcohol
coffee and eye drops
joints and bowls

I shat on a Turtle
Then used my excrement as a masturbatory aid
*screamo'd* then pan to the bathroom and blackout fade!!