The odd part during the main intro section sounded like you messed up but barely noticable, only because I am being critical

The melodic lead line was very well done, possibly add a bit more vibrato in there. The twiddly bit after the second melodic lead bit needs some work, but good job on it anyway it's a bitch to play.

The part in 9/4 or whatever it is was very well done, again a couple of tiny mistakes but barely noticable.

The solo needs a bit more vibrato IMO. The sweep lick sounded a bit wrong so I'd work on that, however the tapping section was perfect. Well done.

Subbed, looking forward to more
Hey man great job! I would say if you kept working on this song for a little while and polished it a bit, it would be even better. My main criticisms would be timing vibrato and note articulation. Sometimes you went a little off time trying to nail the licks, which is understandable because it's not the easiest song in the world. Vibrato, I think you're giving it a little bit TOO much, like a slower vibrato would fit the song a bit more and that's how petrucci tends to use vibrato. Sometimes it would be hard to discern some notes, but if you keep working on it you'll nail it for sure.

But great job man, I look forward to seeing more videos!!!

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Hey, thanks for the comment on mine. I like the choice of song, John is my favorite player & this was one of the first songs I can remember spending a significant amount of time on when I first started taking playing seriously a few years ago.

I think when playing the main riff in the 7th position, you should try alternate picking instead of using downstrokes on the first few notes. Some of your bends are at times, a little off, but nothing too major. As someone mentioned before, sometimes your timing could be a bit better, such as the lick around 1:38. The break around 2:22 is cool, but again I think there's some room for improvement. The slow part is good, some of the harmonized bends are a tad off though. I like your solo, the only part I didn't enjoy was 4:18-4:24 which I think you could easily clean up if you focused on that one little bit. The outro solo to me seemed to be a bit wanky at times and the vibrato is a bit fast. I think if you had slowed down here and played a few melodic lines it would have been more memorable but still some good playing nonetheless. Overall I would rate this as a pretty good cover, and I'd like to see what you can do if you work on cleaning it up and presenting a more polished performance.
Dude that was awesome, like seriously amazing, if i had to say one thing (which i struggled to think of) was that if it was just a tiny bit smoother then that would be unbelievably good