I'm still a rookie on bass and to get my left hand technique down i've started doing a lot of exercises. However, i've noticed that whenever I play a note with my 3rd/ring finger, my little finger sticks out straight, pointing away and up from the bass. It looks like i'm drinking tea with the queen..

Has anyone else had this problem? It's primarily a problem with my left hand. If I apply the same sort of pressure on the same finger of my right hand, my little finger is just normal. Is it something I just have to train my hand not to do? Or am I cursed with a little finger that has to slap itself down onto the string to play something
you need to practice playing with it closer to the strings.

play very slowly and concentrate completely on not moving that little finger away.

it should improve with time

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That is a version of what I would have recommended--aka spider scales.

Make sure you arch your fingers properly as well. It takes time and effort but if you do this now its easier than having to break bad form later on.
Thank you so much for your help I felt like I was the only one that might have had this problem but now I know it's a habit I can kick I feel better.