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Alright, so this is a quick demo I put together of a new song with just the guitar drums and vocals. I'm leaving the bass part to a friend of mine and didn't want to make my own part, which might possibly affect whatever he might come up with.

so as always if there's something you want me to crit just leave a link with your crit
First thoughts are that either the drums need to come up or the guitars and vox down. It's played well though, and I like the vocal melody very much. Guitars doing its job, but I'd say you need another one over the top to give it a missing hook. A harmonised vocal on the chorus would sound ace too!
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You already know I love your whole sound, and it really shines through with this song. I also think the vocals need to come down a little bit, and the drums up. The drums were a little bit off in some places, but nothing vastly noticable, it is still great song. I think the crunchiness of the guitar sounded really good, and the song will sound great when you have a bass part for it.

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The first impression I get is that you sing with confidence, which is something I rarely hear on here. Your tone is quite nasally, but this is pop-punk we're talking about here. Par for the course. More importantly, the pitch is excellent and the inflection is clear.

The vocals do need to come down in the mix though, they overpower the rest of the band.

The drums seem to lose the tempo fairly frequently, particularly when dropping to half-time. Did you play to a click track? Learning to do so really helps songs sound tight and focused, as well as making overdubs much easier.

During the part where the guitar stabs the chorus chords and you sing over it, the drums should double the hits. The sudden lack of percussion makes this part sound empty, especially with the lack of bass. Get the whole band in unison and I guarantee it'll sound thick, meaty, and satisfactory.

As for the actual composition, I have to say I loved the song. It exemplifies everything good about the genre, which is simplicity, raw energy, and immensely catchy hooks. The chorus in particular has been stuck in my head since the first listen.

Overall good tune, but a few production aspects could be improved upon. The bigest thing holding this song back is sloppy drumming. Tighten up the tempo and you've got a money track on your hands.

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sounded pretty good dude. finish tightening the screws up on it and u will have a good sounding pop punk song.