hey I decided I wanted to change my string gauge from 9s to 10s....
So i guess that because of the tension, i'd need to change my thruss rod settings..
does anyone have any tips for how to???/

Btw I got a Fender Telecaster Blackout..

thnx in advance
Not necessarily. What you have to change is all dependant on how the guitar reacts to the added tension. Your best bet is to have it professionally set up for the new gauge. It will cost $30-50 and you only need to do it once. Once its done as long as you don't make adjustments and don't change string gauge again it should be set for years.

Truss rod is a 'if you're unsure, don't' kind of thing. You can seriously damage your guitar if you mess with it improperly.
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swap one string at a time,
and if any issues come up,

THEN post in the setup thread at the top of the page and
i'll help you out.

you might not need to do anything.

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