ok so i recorded some music in cubase le, once i was done recording and mixing, i mixeddown the song and reopened it (now a stereo track) in cubase again. then i began to master it (multiband compressor, eq, limiter ect) but wen i put the limiter on (i used the built in limiter plugin tht comes with cubase) wen i put the limiter on the audio tho, it seem to cut my levels like rlly rlly hard. and the song got alot quieter (my song wasnt even rlly clipping to begin with either) and from wat i see theres no "makeup gain" knob or anything, help??
heres what i ended up with btw
Can you please post what you used on your limiter ? ( the song sounds great to me )

The purpose of a limiter is to set your dB limit so that the sound doesn't trespass it.
My guess is your threshold is set too low!

So please put further details
the threshold was set at about 0 (maybe alittle lower) and i clicked the "soft clip" button, thts it.
Do you have anything else on that insert ? ( The multiband compressor, some of them actually have a limiter integrated inside )
well im pretty sure wat i did is this, on the track itself i put the multicompressor and EQ and then on the "main output" (i hope u know wat i mean by tht) thts where i put the limiter