So, I just got my hands on a PA system. I have a Yamaha mixer and two JBL speakers, I believe I have a powered system, because everything has it's own plug.

I was wondering can I play my bass through the system or will it cause problems to it?

Thanks all

of course you can

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You can play your bass through the system but it won't sound as nice or as clear as an amp would. It should still get the job done though, you have JBL's in the PA which are very nice speakers so I'd say go for it.

I would recommend plugging through the mixer first though so you can balance all the frequencies, you'll get better tone.
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Thanks guys. I'm going to give it a try.

If you want to regularly plug in the bass instead of using an amp, you might pick up a nice DI box. It will give you more eq options than those on a PA channel and may have some overdrive built in depending on the model if that's your thing.

I've used the behringer BDI21 which is a sansamp BDDI clone, and it comes in handy pretty often.
I agree.

You need a DI box with some EQ.

Another cheap one that works pretty well
is the Hartke Bass Attack for about $80.
MXR M-80 Direct box is nice for about $140
or the Eden WTDI for about $150.

These have some EQ and some type of

They replace the pre-amp of a bass amp.

Here is my bass rig. Hartke Bass Attack
that is used as a pre-amp for a 700 watt
Crown PA amp and a GB 4X10 cab,

Crown amps sound as awesome as the
speakers they push. They are awesome
clear. Even the distortion from the pre-amp
sounds cleaner.

Was just about to say that a good bass external preamp would be very useful.

You could probably get some really good sub bass through it. Good for early dub styles.
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