the other guitarist in my band is about to get a 1973 fender bassman 4x10 combo, but needs distortion.

aside from the classic combo of tubescreamer and bassman, what are some other pedals to look into?

schematics for good overdrive builds are also acceptible

budget is 150$
style is alt-rock to light metal

You'll be hard-pressed to get a pedal that will do alt-rock to metal. Catalinbread makes a bunch of great OD's, like the WIIO, SFT and DLS, that retail just above your budget - $160-170, IIRC. You could also try a modded SD-1 or a ZVex Distortron. For more gain, try a Rat or Railhead TUA.

Really though, for metal, he should get another amp.
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not sure why i put metal, i was half asleep :x

foo fighters to rise against gain level/tone is about what were shooting for. maybe up to black sabbath

i was thinkin about a rat, and im certainly lending him mine to try thru it.

we tried a mxr classic overdrive and a boss blues driver thru it at the store, the mxr sounded awesome, but didnt have quite enough gain, and the blues driver had almost enough, but sounded meh.
BD-2's are good modding platforms. If you're not afraid of modding, I'd go for it. You can find them dirt cheap used.
Like ACollier said the BD2 is a great modding platform. Rat would be good to look into. Also try Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret (DLS), Way Huge Fat Sandwich, Rothwell Hellbender, MXR GT-OD (can be found dirt cheap too), modded DS1... plenty of good options out there

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suhr riot
sansamp gt2

A Suhr Riot would be too high gain methinks. A better alternative for what he wants would probably be a Suhr Shiba.

Alternatively, a Wampler Paisley would probably be good.

Another I was thinking of was the Wampler Hot Wired and the Ecstacy or the Rivera Double Shaman.

Although for a Bassman, an awesome pedal that would work very well and is well loved is the Timmy. If you don't wanna wait you can go for the Lovepedal Amp 11, it's supposed to have an identical circuit. If you're looking at Lovepedal, the Lovepedal Kanji or Kanji 9 are 2 great pedals, but note that the Kanji 9 has more gain on tap.

Oh I think another epic pedal you can consider is the Hermida Audio Zendrive.

Actually another 2 pedals I would also look ion are the Zenkudo and the Dumkudo.
Edit: I think most of the pedals that I listed practically blows your budget.
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thanks for all the responses guys!

for the blues driver, what are some good mods? i keeley modded my bassist's and i really think it improved it, but what are some alternatives?

been looking into lovepedal for him, thinking about the eternity fuse