So Ive noticed every guitarists I listen to has a very unique, signature effect they use on their guitars, like different user-suited pedal noises.
Im a huge fan of unique, personal guitar playing and have recently started using chorus pedals (which I love so ****ing much).

I was wondering if any of you knew any guitarists that seem to master watery, ghost-like chorus playing? Im yet to find a player that does so.
Please post videos or anything that might give me some inspiration for my chorus playing.
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This video doesn't really have anything to do with a chorus pedal, but the instrument with the big antenna, that is used around 41 seconds in (it's called a Theremin) has a really eerie, ghost like sound that might give you some inspiration.

Awesome. I feel like id need an Ebow to get that effect on my guitar. What do you think?
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Yah, an Ebow is be pretty close. I heard that Theremins are pretty easy to make, but I have yet to find a homemade one that has the sound of a high quality one.
Chorus and reverb you say?
I figured the Ebow would get me that sound. Now i gotta save up for a ****ing Ebow. My money is vanishing!lol
If an Ebow is too expensive, a pedal which slows your attack can sound similar, just stick chorus and a delay, and away you go!
This-> Behringer SM200 Classic Attack Slow Motion