Good evening Pit.

Does anybody here have any experience with taking antidepressants? Although I'm quite an upbeat, optimistic person, for a long time (many years now) I've had this constant low mood. Not low, as in suicidal, but by no means terribly happy. So I went to the hospital today and the doctor gave me a prescription for Fluoxetine Hydrochloride (basically Prozac) I'm going to go pick up the medication tomorrow and was wondering if anybody here has been on it before?

The doctor said it would take up to 4-6 weeks to bring about a noticeable change in my mood, but I've done some online research, and there are some pretty bad sounding side-effects, specifically in the short-term. I'm approaching this with caution as my mood has never been that bad (I've never contemplated or attempted suicide) but there's definitely a void in my mental health and well-being, that has been present for many years, so I'm thinking this could be worth a shot.

Have you ever taken it? Do you know someone who has? Have you ever contemplated suicide? Are you depressed? Maybe you need to go on Prozac yourself!

Feel free to post your thoughts on this.
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As much as I'd like to help, the Pit is not a doctor, and giving medical advice is against the rules.
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Drug thread.
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