When recording, should you scream loud or quiet?
I heard some people say they scream quiet into a mic.
I'm trying not to damage my voice either.

man, i always go as loud as i can. cause, you need to give your microphone as much as you can, as the above says, turning it down afterwards is a good way of balancing everything.

i wish i could afford a good microphone, i cant get anything across through it. i have to scream as loud as i can to record an average vocal track. not that that's much use here, you probably have a much better mic than i do.
Screaming thread. Its at the top of the vocals forum.

However, scream as loud as is comfortable but never attempt to be loud for loudness' sake. Each person has a different set of cords/resonance capabilities. As such comfortable volume for each person is different.

Also this changes with what technique you are utilizing. False cord is generally the loudest, Fry is a toss up but usually a bit above speaking volume and gutturals are routinely the quietest in volume.

With all that being said, if you don't know the answer to that question then you probably shouldn't be doing it unless its just for practice.
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