Hey guys.

This is my new song called "The Machine" (working on titles), and I'd appreciate it if you checked it out

I will crit back what I can (can't guarantee I'll be that useful). I understand the beginning is a tad messy, but that's due to laziness.


There's the link, ENJOY
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Oh God I lol'ed

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I love Padgea7x
Solid playing, and nice tone dude. I like the riffs, maybe a TINY bit generic, but for the style it's really good. The soloing sounded nice, but I felt like it was a little out of tune sounding (Intonation, out of tune, fretting to hard, off vibrato, IDK.) at parts. The drums sound good, too. Is that EZ Drummer?
I still haven't gotten around to writing a full song, much less anything with drums parts, so kudos to that too!
I got the drums from a program called Magix. Yeah, my guitar somehow manages to fail me on the higher strings, and I probably fret too hard as well. Thanks for listening
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Oh God I lol'ed

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Would you like to see my Soundcloud?
I love Padgea7x
Sounds awesome, the drums sound perfect and I love the guitar parts, can't really complain about anything on this one, though as always I would love to see some vocals on one of your tracks.

Also nice solo, wish I could write stuff like that xD

I really liked the way that the song kinda just stopped
Your riffs are catchy and your levels seem pretty good. There's an overall garage band sound to this track that I don't particularly enjoy. How did you record this?

Your guitar playing is solid and very energetic in a Metallica kind of way. I'd really like to hear this with vocals.

Even though this song was basically a 4 minute onslaught of noise, I was surprised to find that I never really got bored of it. My ears got a little tired of the constant loudness after about 3 minutes, but I never felt like it dragged on. I'm impressed.

I hope this helps
I like a ton of the riffs, but the quality and maybe just being jumbled together make it really hard to hear everything clearly. It's way too pressed in the center of the mix. Try panning everything out. It would definitely help a ton. I hear some good tones in here. 2:34-2:48 could be better. Some of it is just chaotic. The solo after that could be a lot better. It's decent as is. Work on it more and re-record the track. Pan things out. You'll have yourself a good metal track.

Thanks for the critique!
Liked a lot!
Nice riffs you got there...

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