I have just purchased a new overdrive pedal, and received it earlier than expected. I was just about to dish out £40 on jack cables as all my old ones (apart from guitar-amp one) broke. . But now i am wondering, is it worth buying expensive cables for effects pedals?

Obviously, i expect the cable quality to effect the quality of the pedals sound, but i do not know how drastic the difference between a £4 and £80 cable will be.

My pedal will be going through the amps effects loop, so will not effect guitar clarity (as far as i know).

In case you its important, my equipment:
Epiphone les paul standard, Fender frontman 65r and new Marshall Guv'nor II overdrive pedal.
(yes, i dont have much)

Tldr; is it worth buying descent jack cables for effects pedals?

With the gear you have, I wouldn't worry to much about getting the best cables money can buy, but I would recommend getting cables with a lifetime guarantee, it's saves money in the long run.

Also, why are you running a distortion pedal in the effects loop?

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That was my thoughts as well, i have experience of bad cables breaking!

And on the loop, i have heard my friends GuvII put through both loop and 'normal', and both he and i prefer the loop. Tho he has a marshall mg so it may be different!

Thanks for the reply
If you go to Guitar Center (or Andertons if you're in the UK) they offer lifetime warranties, if you break one they replace it. I only payed about $10 for my longest cable and it hasn't broke yet.
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not convinced by lifetime warranties... i'd rather buy the cable i want, than one i might not which they'll replace...
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I like the Ibanez Series 96 cables, professional grade cables, half the price. I still have mine. The key is getting good instrument cables, and getting excellent patch cables. Patch cables from when you are looping multiple pedals together are essential to avoid tone sucking and popping and crackling from crappy cables. If I were to spend my money on anything, it would be getting some quality patch cables.