I can't put any photos up, but if this interest you please email me and I can relay pictures. sayler74@hotmail.com

I have what seems to be a parlor antique guitar case. Coffin case with a pressed in stamp on the back of the wood that say's "Original Improved" G & B trade mark. I found that this case is dated back to the late 1800's. I have emailed lots of people no ideas yet. Any ideas? Or who I can ask.
Outer Dimension Length 15/5/8 @ bottom & Length 4/5/8 @ neck X
Width 5/1/2 X Hi 39/5/8 PLUS a 1/4 in thickness of wood
Thanks for your time.
Tracy Sayler


Sounds ta me like Tracy was asking for information about an antique case. I wish I had a clue to give. Inquiring into or expressing interest about it is not tantamount to a sales pitch or WTS ad.

Wasn't "G&B" a predecessor to Gibson?

GL, Tracy
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