I was looking at this diagram:

The places that show a ground wire, what am i suposed to do? Shuld i connect them all to the main ground wire from the tailpiece? For example on the output jack it sows a ground wire that goes out to nowhere. What does this mean?
As i said yesterday, use the seymore duncan diagram. (remember the colors.)
But all your grounds should run to a volume pot. Including your tailpeice ground and switch ground, etc.

Look at this:
See how every ground runs to the volume pot? Maybe not directly, but even the grounds that run to the tone pot still run to the volume pot as the volume and tone have a ground wire between the two.

I just wired my Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton using a Seymore Duncan diagram.
It it much easier to follow then the dimarzio one because they show the ground wires, not some dumb symbol.

Just seriously, remember the color difference. I posted the color differencce in your other thread. have fun and hope you get em going soon!
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