This is a rough draft of some lyrics for my band's coming concept album. You can read the original poem that I got the idea for the album from here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1448495&highlight=forefathers+bane

Anywho, I know it's imagery is a tad cliche but here it is. all thoughts are welcome and as always C4C!!!

I’ve fought
And struggled
relentless urge
In truth I know that it is me
What remains
of my humanity
I now lay to rest
For In this moment
The blade takes over me

Blinding flash of light
Inferno in my eyes
engulfing every cell
Embracing fate
Finally I am whole
But nothing inside

The empty vessel I’ve become
Demands now to be filled
This need for life
Hunger is all I feel
Taste the blood of everyone
My mission becoming clear
I was meant to kill them all
Innocence embrace true fear

Today I understand
Men will ever betray
kill their brother
For nothing more than strife
The only way to secure the peace
Is to end all life

I am
The Harbinger of peace
I am the author
I am the forsaken
I am the willing
Destroyer of life