Hey guys, I bough an agile 7 string septor for $800, just got it today. No scratches on it or anything from shipping, and from just about everybody I asked the guitars sounded like they were well made. But I opened the box and tuned the guitar, plugged it in and it sounds terrible to be honest. The 7th string is extremely buzzy and you can't even really tell what note I'm playing, just sounds like a low pitched vibrate. The 5th string has like a weird high pitch ring coming from somewhere when I hit it, can't figure that one out.

Do you think I need my action adjusted or maybe new strings? What do you guys think.
Try to get it set up. But that's extra costs of course...but I hope it'll be worth it.
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Right out of the box it will need a setup. I'm pretty sure Rondo doesn't really look at their guitars before they ship them out.k

I've never bought one new, though. So can't say myself. Just going off what I've read.

But, my friend's Intrepid (The 8 string models) came PERFECT right out of the box. Action was incredible, neck was straight, it was even in tune.. He dropped the F# to E and played away.

Could be hit/miss with Agile.

I'm slowly beginning to hate my Agile 7. I hate tremolos and the scale is getting annoying.