I have a $600 budget and I want to buy a new guitar. I was considering getting a Jackson, or maybe an Ibanez, but I want to know all my options. I play mostly metal, hardcore, post-hardcore etc. (A7x, bfmv, black veil brides). Can anyone recommend me a good guitar for my style/budget? Thanks
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change musical interests, then we'll talk.

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Dude I like that music too don't sweat it. An old guitarist of mine had a Jackson King V and all he did was play BFMV covers. Just look at what Matt tuck have or Jinxx (I'd think alot before getting a BC rich) Also Schector makes good guitars for the genre. Just pick your fav guitarist for his tone/look of the guitar. pick one up and rock. And I know I'm probably gonna get shit for saying I like this music but I also like other kinds or music too.
Jesus you guys I don't like them either, but this isn't the pit. Pull your shit together.

Schecter is definitely the brand you are looking for.

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How about you guys stop giving him shit for the music he likes, and actually try to help him...Anyway, schecter makes some great guitars in the 500-600$ price range, and so does ESP. So go to your local guitar store and try out a bunch of guitars in your price range and see which one you like best
What a bunch of useless posts. Answer the guy's question or don't say anything.

LTD, ESP's more affordable line, has several guitars $600 and under. Check their website and check out DrumCityGuitarLand.com. Their prices will pretty much be the same everywhere else. They're in Colorado, but I ordered my ESP Eclipse II from them 4 years ago and couldn't be happier. They also professionally set the guitar up to whatever strings you want, whatever tuning and the height of the action, all for free. Check their site out or give them a call. It's a cool place.
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I lol'd a bit at the first few posts but to each his own, right?

I agree with the Schecter / ESP recommendations. The Schecter Hellraiser Specials are around $600 now. Guitar Center is actually having a sale right now- you can get a good amount off on a normal Hellraiser...

ESPs are nice too but avoid getting the very low-end LTD models. The higher-end LTD models are excellent.
I would have to agree with Schecter or ltd ESP for your price range an I also like a couple of those band's. Oh an no Matt from BFMV uses jackson and Michael uses ESP do your research before hand if you don't know.
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but nah, I want the classic BFMV sound
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change musical interests, then we'll talk.

May not be the music style you like but don't disrespect it man. He asked a good question, and it deserves a good answer (not the BS you gave him)
I'd recommend Jackson. The necks on them are the best I have ever played and pickups, etc can be swapped if you dont like the stock ones.
All you people bashing on his musical tastes are some of the biggest hypocrites I've ever witnessed. Seriously.

It's his money, he's gonna play what the fuck he wants to play.