For my band and solo stuff I use LMMS to program drums, because we don't have a good way of recording them in good quality. I was just wondering, is there any place to get good opensource snare samples? The stock LMMS ones are all pretty bad. Right now I'm using a sample I found on another forum that's from Paramore's Riot album. I think it sounds great, but I'm hesitant about releasing anything online since it "belongs" to another band/I didn't record it myself. Any info's appreciated

EDIT: I said snare samples, but I'd like opensource drum samples for all kit pieces; I'm using the paramore snare, but for everything else I'm using a Dry studio kit sample set from Beatcraft. And for electronic samples I use stock LMMS samples that came with the program.
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Check out the Andy Sneap Forums over at Ultimatemetal.com, there are tons and tons of excellent, high-quality samples up for free, just search. Also, be careful with that Paramore snare, it's best used for blending and not full replacement because it's way to unnatural sounding if it plays every hit!
Thanks! I'll definitely do that

And yeah, I kinda noticed that blending thing you mentioned, it does have an awful lot of ring and reverb.
The Sneap forums are great for finding samples. You could also just google "snare samples" or whatever, you might find something good.

I'm in the process of sampling my DM5, i've done all 94 kicks and moving on to the 116 snares. There are some great ones in there but I don't think I can share them though unfortunately.