I was originally GASing for a script logo phase 90 but oddly enough ended up buying this

oddly enough i bought both of these magazines right before i got this fuzz

I really was not planning on getting this but the next Phase 90 was a ways away and always really wanted a big muff being a massive Jack White fan. Me purchasing this was really spur of the moment and unexpected but this was one of those times were it paid of

Okay, i really don't think i need to describe its sound. It's a big muff. Probably the most generic modern fuzzes around. But for good reason. It had all the creamy goodness that i wanted and supplied me with warm burly chords. I would love to upload some samples but really have no way of doing so I know its nothing boutique or rare but it has MUFF in the name and what is better than that
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hnpd. i have one too. tune down to C standard and use it. It can Nail that Kyuss psycedelic tone man i love thus shit. hnpd
funny looking phaser enjoy and i'd shop around more as the phase 90 isn't all that great.
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funny looking phaser enjoy and i'd shop around more as the phase 90 isn't all that great.

Very fuzzy sounding phaser as well.I agree that the newer block Phase 90's sound pretty ass but i like the subtle swoosh of the older script 90's and reissues.
Nice. Big Muffs are great pedals, I love mine too.
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Greg what did you send me??

The Russian's do it better

Still nice though
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I've been gasing for a fuzz the past couple of weeks. Can't decide between the Fulltone 69, Analogman Sunface, or just a plain fuzz face. I can't wait for the Eric Johnson fuzz face at next years NAMM.