This is a runoff thread from my current build that's linked in my sig. I figured I'd get more help from a new thread so here we go..

I've got my guitar body and neck completely lacquered and sitting around curing over the next couple of days. For the fretboard (maple), I'm using what is supposed to be tung oil with a hardener additive. After about 6 coats, the maple finally absorbed the tung oil.

I applied the 7th coat about 12 hours ago and it is still sticky. I was wondering how long should this coat be taking to dry properly? As of now, it's still tacky. I just wasn't sure if the tung oil I have isn't working properly and I need to remove the most recent coat.

tl;dr - Tung oil with hardening additive. What's the drying time?
Tung Oil can take up to 24hrs to dry. I finished my build with Tung Oil, which I believe may have had a hardening additive in it, and I waited one day between each of my coats.

It sounds to me like it's working just the way it should. The first few coats are supposed to penetrate into the wood, and then the top coats (the ones that take longest to dry) are what will give it some shine.
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i use mine different than you do. i just did it on a couple of necks and cabinets.

i put one coat on, aggressively rubbing it in with a cotton towel. than i do another, than i steel wool until the sheen is off and its a matte finish, but its sealed.

if you want glossy (like i did on my kitchen table), you would put more coats on.

never recoat within 24 hours.
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