Hey guys, I'm looking for a 7 string guitar (my first) that I will be buying without testing out beforehand (no stores in Egypt).

I want to play a lot of different styles of music on it. From Post-rock, Shoegaze, Alternative (Deftones/Radiohead), Prog-Metal (Tesseract/Periphery/Cynic/Opeth) and Jazz. I know all this is impossible, but I'll take my shot. I like to use big "rich" chords and want to use the extra string for different voicings and a more bassy presence in the chords. Achieving that "djent" tone would be also be a preference, but I wouldn't want that at the cost of muddier chords. So basically I care a lot for cleans and high gain.

Features I want:
- Less than 1000 bucks, More than 600
- Passive pickups (not a fan of actives, but I think I'll be upgrading anyway into DiMarzio's or BKP) (I'll be recording straight into an audio interface and Guitar Rig for now, so no amp.)
- No Floyd Rose (I like to change tunings into Open Chord tunings or other stuff for different voicings and fingerings.)
- I'd prefer a thin neck and a small radius like a Telecaster (impossible but anything close would be great).

Feel free to suggest other guitars, everything I get will eventually get a pickup change (even if it was active) but that will be after some long time. So what matters most is the neck, build quality, bridge and woods.

These are the ones I have in mind:


http://www.schecterguitars.com/Products/Guitar/C-7-Custom.aspx (Is the neck really that thick)

Feel free to recommend other guitars.

Thank you in advance.
hey man... id suggest the schecter... never ried the ibanez 7s or anything but the schecter i got i love... the neck most likeley isnt as thin as the ibanez but it still feels great to play on... i got a schecter demon... it wsas 650 bucks but as for the more expensive schecters im sure theyre better lol... schecters are great to play on... i got an 8 string ordered from schecter cuz i like em that much... sounds great feel great... ummm ya... still tho ibanezes are nice guitars lol.. but i suggest schecter
That thin and small neck radius will be the hard part. Most 7 strings seem to have a large radius.

My suggestion, look for something with a compound neck like a jackson. Its a small radius on the low frets that turns into a large radius on the high frets.

Warmoth makes custom guitars, you can have one made exactly how you like it.
Maybe even an LTD or ESP?
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As for Jackson 7 strings, any recommendations?

That compound radius looks very interesting. I'm interested in the Chris Brodrick Custom (if there's one less than 1000 bucks)

Any other ones?
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I just bought an ibanez RGD2127Z and I can highly recommend it. Both of the tesseract guys use them and they get a really good sound out of them. They are versatile, comfortable to play and and they look really good (if thats at all important). The only possible down fall is that some people may not be 100% convinced by the pickups. I have noticed a few people have changed the bridge humbuckers in theirs, but I personally am happy for the time being. If you perform and record a lot it may be worth changing, but if not you should be alright
Sorry man I didnt see the price limit. I got mine for $2500 AUD so it may be a bit over. A lot of the cost seems to be for shipping
Ibanez 7 strings are by far the most comfortable I've played.

The bigger part of getting the tones you're looking for is your amp and how you EQ it. Buying a new guitar won't make you sound "djenty" or make your chords clearer (to an extent- pickups, etc. have some play in this).
Quote by Pac_man0123
Ibanez 7 strings are by far the most comfortable I've played.

to me all ibanez necks feel awkard, I think its all a matter of preference

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I think a big part of the guitar neck thing is posture. If you play in the "proper" position with the guitar between your legs and your thumb in the middle of the neck, you would probably like a thin neck since the neck contour doesn't really matter. If you hold the neck, Clapton style or otherwise, you probably like a fatter neck to rest your palm upon. And then there's hand size as well.

Personally, I learned to play holding the neck and I hated super thin necks because they were uncomfortable. But I realized that posture was way too limiting for me year later, and I forced myself to use the "proper" posture. Now I prefer the thinnest neck possible because it offers more agility across the fretboard. I have big hands too.