Couldn't really think of a better title than that

Anyways! I'm in the market for something that I can plug my headphones into and practice with. I'm also wanting to be able to plug this device into the computer and be able to record. I've looked at and been fairly interested in the Line 6 Pocket POD, the Line 6 POD 2.0 and the Korg Pandora PX4D.

Clearly I'm not expecting to get world class tones out of whatever I'm getting, but I want something good/decent. I'm not sure how the cleans work on these things, this is my first time looking into something like this.
Cleans are important to me, as are effects like modulations and delay. I also want to be able to have various distortion/overdrive tones from a nice light crunch to a thick heavy distortion.

I like the size of the Pocket POD and the Korg, which is something I like more about them over the POD 2.0. from what I've heard the Korg is better than the POD in terms of sound/tone and that it's capable of more things such as backing tracks and having a few more effects and bells and whistles.

But in the end what I want most is a small (or fairly small) device I can carry with me, as I'm in the process of moving, that has a fair amount of versatile effects as well as distortion/overdrives, that has recording capability. I'm not interested in floor multi-effects units.

Thanks! Sorry for the monster text.