sunsettled poetry in the horizon;
outside, the city buses are fruits of a modern tree
(with a blank memory) destined to devaluing
the eternal.

between crumbs of bread and my lunch ticket,
i try to exhume a crownless heart,
as i blow into the wind
one or two drunkenghosts.

oh, corresponded dissapointment!
i bought the complete works of César Vallejo for 25 pesos,
a day the paper boy at the stoplights
told us in three days there were twentyfour muertos.
Please post more. Your writing is, if (seemingly) a bit nonsensical at times, subtle and beautiful. All these great images combine together to make pure emotion and at times the words fit together so well it's like they were invented to be put in that exact order.

However, I only have a vague idea of what it's about and only faint images pop into my head when I try to stitch this all together.

Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I read it and at the end I was glad I did so.

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I'm reaching for more with this piece. It's beautiful and haunting, and if anything, it sets a great mood of despondency.

I pretty much agree 100% with Ganoosh...glad I read it because it's beautiful written, but at the same time, I don't think I'm getting it all.
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If I'm not raw, I'm just a bit underdone.
hey, y'alls! thanks for reading.

ever since i was a little kid and started writing, my poetry has always had a seemingly 'surreal' quality. i think this is because of the fact that i started 'writing poetry' before i got into seriously reading poetry, so i just wrote what felt right and shit, it was my thoughts and how i felt. i gave up on rationality a while ago (thanks Tzara). i just focus on writing shit how it feels like at that moment.

this is came into existence from two events that happened a while back. i think poetry is extremely underappreciated at the moment (even worse here than in the states or even france), i've written articles on the topic and shit, i'm often think about this and it gets me down and i become sad and write some more. i went into a local library the other day in my hometown, searching for a book by César Vallejo, one of the most influential poets of the last century, not just in spanish literature, he's been called a 'universal poet' and even the 'biggest poetry after Dante' by international critics, and yeah, they had nothing by him at the library and it felt weird, i ordered it through them though, and was able to buy his complete works after like three days for 25 pesos, which is roughly ~1.50 dollars or something. it just made me feel like poetry is underappreciated, you see best sellers on 'how to make money' make millions when this shit adds a lot more to the human culture and should be way more important under my eyes.

the second 'topic' came from seeing a headline i mentioned on the last line, 24 dead in 3 days, in my home town. a place infested with drug lords, shootings at plain daylight, government corruption, etc. then i thought, in a world like ours, it should be perfectly expected and it is perfectly normal ('corresponded dissapointment!) that no one (or almost no one) pays attention to this things like art and poetry, the 'eternal' things. o! this modern life! i wrote this during lunch, thinking about this things and tying them together, hence the second verse.

and yeah, that's most basically what i was getting at. i'm not saying i expressed all of that since, you both have doubts about it and stuff. but it's what i had in mind, and this was my way of expressing it.

anyway, glad you read it and liked it. i've been very busy with university, but i'll try to get back to you both soon!


edit: i think i wrote too much, haha. call me pretentious if y'all want. idk. everything i write is obviously opened to interpretation too.