hey guys, im getting shocks, and i have a gig today.
the shocking does not happen all the time, would a pedal be able to cause it?
im running guitar-mxr 10 band PS - Wah Battery- Phase 90 Ps. into the amp.

also, the LP has what i believe to be a ground issue. buzzing when the strings arent being touched. could a ground loop have been formed somewhere, i dont have a multimeter.

Tom Hanks in advance!
i doubt the pedal would be causing it. I'm thinking it's something with your internal hardware of the guitar or the pick ups. buzzing usually means a loose connection, open it up and check the sautering, its probably a connection issue that could cause a short to travel into the pick ups (giving buzz) and then building a residual charge. when it gets big enough, it shocks you
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Sounds like a simple ground wire issue. If you're still alive then it wasn't caused by your pedals or your amp...lol. Open it up and check your solders.

BTW, a lot of people don't realize this but you need a magnetic soldering iron to get the heat required to solder a ground wire properly. And it needs to be tinned first.
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usually the amp or the house.

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