Hello, I guess you noticed I'm new haha.

I discovered this site a little while ago and decided to join to interact with the musical community of this fine website. I study and work as a Composer/Aranger for Film & Game media, and play Progressive-Symphonic rock/metal on the side. I mainly play Keyboard as my main arranging tool, but I am trying to expand my knowledge of Guitar and Drums since i have grown to admire talents such as John Petrucci and Virgil Donati (two very well known players haha).

So hello everyone and I am happy to join this site with wonderful musical-like-minded people.
Happy to have you here man, sounds like you got a solid background going for you. keep up the awesome work and hope you enjoy the guitar community
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This isn't a guitar forum.

Try WebMD.

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welcome to ug you probably got more musical experience than many people here

i like that

Thanks. haha

Most of the work I do is mainly from my home recording station, and the best "experience" I have is being able to shake Mr. Zimmers hand at a Conference haha. I am not as far into it as having the pleasure of recording with an actual symphony or orchestra yet, but its definitly a goal I wish to pursue haha. So for now I'll stick with my EWQL "pocket" orchestra .
"Composition gives proper meaning to the natural streams of sound that penetrate the world." - Toru Takemitsu