I own a Yamaha RGX 121 Z which i bought in 2005. I think it's more or less a Strat kind of guitar with a similar vintage non-locking tremolo bridge. Tune-o-matic style I guess. The thing is I don't use the tremolo at all and intonation is very annoying since the grooves on the adjustment screws have worn out and they wont hold. I'm in India and no one is willing to give me just the screws. I have to go in for a new bridge.

My question is can I install a Les Paul style bridge and stopbar? What problems will I face considering I'm new to this? I'm going to do it on my own since there are no really good places here to setup/repair guitars.

P.S. I hate my guitar getting detuned, so I'm also looking at possibly a locking type. Also which locking tuners would fit my guitar?
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Before you spend money for an expensive bridge on a less-expensive guitar, try to find the screws somewhere else. Go to a machinist and explain your problem. He may have screws that fit or be able to repair the screws you already have. You can also check YouTube to see how to "block" your tremolo. Very simple process and done quite often because many people don't care for a tremolo. I have a Strat that has been blocked with no other adjustments made and it stays in tune perfectly. You just can't let the strings get old and dirty because it plays hell with the intonation.
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