Free saturday afternoon with a old accutronics enclosure that looks something like this-

but not exactly.

heres what it is now!

how about we turn it into a nice fuzz pedal?
so here's the template and drilling.

footswitch spacing is about the same as the ghost disaster.
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This is awesome. I've got an old accutronics tank lying around that i pulled off a dead marshall valvestate that i'm aching to put into something. I think i'll be keeping it as a reverb unit though...
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Dude this is so sick. Lol. I think I'm going to go put a distortion pedal in a cerial box. Still won't be as cool as yours though.
*insert witty statement here*
final product!

essentially its a mosrite fuzzrite with an added tone control and a voltage sag pot. the footswitches are bypass, addition of a 22k/100k to ground on the output of the effect (boosted) and a GE diode to ground in the tone section.