I found a guitar that meets all the things I'm looking for in a seven-string guitar.
The Ibanez S7420.

Does anyone know how this guitar sounds? How are the pickups? How the body feels? Is it comfortable? Is it worth the price?

And I'm probably buying this when I'm in Toronto, so does anyone know where I'll be able to find it?

Thank you
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It's a nice mid-range guitar. Quality is good for the price, but you will probably want to swap out the pickups. That guitar is a mahogany body and bolt on maple neck so wit will be on the warmer side, but maybe not as warm as say, a Les Paul.
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A friend of mine has one and I wasn't too impressed with it. He had it set up really bad though. Overall, though, it seemed to be nice for the money.

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I love mine. But as has been said, it WILL need a good setup, and the stock pickups are shit
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The guitar played OK(the wizard II-7 felt odd, maybe cuz it was myfirst time with a seven), the pickups were meh, the body felt very comfortable, and by god that trem was AMAZING.
The trem alone is worth buying it for.