G'Day from Australia... I felt compelled to join this great forum to help spread the word about the awesome nature of the 1960's, 1970's Japanese made Guitars and Amplifiers which I discovered by chance. My first discovery was a black Eros guitar which was made by Matsumoku. I found this 'gem' in a second hand store and the magic it posesses has taught me how to play. I began to learn more and then discovered Univox who marketed these Matsumoku made guitars in the USA (Eros was marketed in the UK) The amount of musical equipment sold by Univox has blown my mind. Amplifiers, Microphones and numerous Effects devices continue to perform 40 years after they were made and in my opinion will kick the arse of any of the new stuff available now. Who else out there is Rocking & Rolling with these weapons of mass seduction ?
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Hi. Can someone tell me which guitars are real 24 fret guitars and which are just 22 fret guitars with 2 extra frets added on?
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