So, I get my check next week and have thought about upgrading pickups.
My guitar is an almost new condition 93' Ibanez EX3700, transparent turquoise.
I play metal, rock, blues, and clean stuff, basically versatile sounding pickups for everything.
I am considering Seymour Duncans. (sorry, only going for passives)
My guitar is an HSH setup, with cream body and neck binding.
So, i'm thinking of going with the color scheme and getting zebra colored humbuckers and depending on if theyre reverse zebra or not, a cream colored single coil.
So far I've thought of the 59 neck, Quarter Pounder middle, and JB bridge.
The quarter pounder's hotter output will make up for it's lower position in the middle, since my picking usually attacks the top of the middle pickup.
Is this a good combination?
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I cant say anything about the quarter pounder, but the 59/JB combo is awesome.
Played a strat with a quarter pounder in it once, much hotter than a stock single coil, so you could lower it quite a bit in the middle position. It sounded fantastic btw, kind of like a p90
Check out the official DiMarzio site and run through the "select your type of pickup" program they have there

Doesn't mean you have to end up buying a DiMarzio, but you may get some interesting suggestions as to what kind of pickups you could use (and then maybe look for something comparable from another brand)

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I'm thinking a set of smit chainsaws and a gfs neovin
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Don't know about you (because this is personal preference only), but I love DiMarzios, particularly the Air Norton and D-Activators. I have a set of D-Activators in my Ibanez and a set of Air Nortons in my Mayones and they scream! My amp is a 300 quid Marshall stack and isn't of exceptional quality, so I put it down to the pickups that make me sound good.

Also I prefer passives too man, I play everything from technical death metal to Bach to Flamenco, and my DiMarzios serve me better than any active pickup could. (active pickups are only cool if you like batteries and only play metalcore/deathcore)