A 2 track experiment to see if I could create a proper song given the constraints.
It's messy when transitioning between riffs, and it's a bit inconsistent in tone. Give it a listen and you'll see.

I'm not sure if I'm going to refine this, but I certainly might use that final riff for other song.
This should have a lot more replies, so I´m just gonna bump this one for others to listen.

I´m not so much into these heavy riffs, so the first few riff wasn´t really my type, but I can surely see it fit into the song. What I really like is that the drums sometimes accentuate the right things, and the mix of accents between the different percussion parts. I really like the second half of the riff 3, that F#maj7 just sounds so sweet to my ears. I also appreciate the subtle ghost-snares in the fills.

Sewage drone really fits the song, and I like the new drums in the new version of 1b. Pre-D is also very fitting, although in midi a bit hollow. A real recording would surely widen the sound. Great drumming in the first part of new sewage, I really enjoyed the syncopes. Great interlude after that one, the snare rolls really fit it, and I see your signature all over the outro. Very big, great drumming and beautiful harmonic content.

Although I wasn´t too sure about some of these riffs (since this is also not really my genre), I really enjoyed what you did with the drums here, and really like the duo-idea!

Don´t worry about a return crit, I believe I still owe you some.
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Nice choppy rhythms in the intro. You should add in some bass, will probably only need to shadow the guitar for most of the song. A lot of crashes going on with the drums. Quite like section 2 (bar 41). There good variation in the type and feel of the riffs, keeps it interesting. Also like the powerchordy section at bar 56.
Not sure about the change around bar 63 where the drums go out for a bit, think you could change that maybe. Most of the other transitions are fine though. Not too fussed for the new sewage part, it's ok though. If you record, it might sound good though cos will be quite heavy. The start of the inquistor section I wasn't that keen on, but then it gets pretty interesting. You should probably add in some drums to the ending.
Anyway overall, you have some very good riffs, I like this. Nice work!